This is a test for upcoming travel

WordPress is inaccessible in China and I’d like to keep updating from there. I think our short week in Ningbo will provide plenty of interesting stories and photos. I’m writing this as a test post via email from my new tablet, a Christmas present from my parents, since my ancient laptop will not be joining me on another transpacific journey.

One thing I’m most excited about the trip is getting to meet Gene’s grandmother. Born on the eve of the 1911 revolution, her life spans the major events that shape modern China. She is a mere generation removed from the era I focus on in my research. I don’t plan on playing anthropologist and interviewing her, but I am excited to come into closer contact with my work. I have idle fantasies of people in the family asking me what I research and then telling me about their relatives’ interactions with such texts. Or producing old baojuan they have moldering on some bookshelf.

Likely the trip will be far less climactic, but still fascinating and informative.

Now, as the second half of the test, let’s see if a picture will post.

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