The view from here (part 2)

Perhaps it looks pretty similar to you, as it’s another large East Asian city, but there’s a world of difference to me.


We’ve left China behind for a few days in sunny, warm southern Taiwan – Tainan. Last night, relaxing with friends at an adorable bar run by Taiwanese hipsters, it was pointed out that maybe I need a new blog title – Not So Far From Formosa.

But it’s a temporary state. This trip here is a wonderful gift.

China was fascinating but unfamiliar. Staying in one of the first treaty ports that opened after the Opium War, I read 19th century British and American travelogs about China during our long evenings there, feeling a strange sense of kinship .

The moment Taiwan came into view, all was righted in my world again. Funny how I never quite realize how off kilter I feel until I’m back on these streets and back to these rhythms of speech and life.

6 thoughts on “The view from here (part 2)

  1. It makes me happy that you’re so happy! Though it makes me sad that the place you are the happiest is half-way around the world from me (I know it has nothing to do with men in particular).

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