AAS 2017 – Toronto, Canada

Paper: Mothers, Maidens, and Ghosts: Afterlives of Qing Chastity Paragons on the Taiwan Frontier

in Panel: Man Rules Without and Woman Rules Within: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Chinese Space and Gender

Organizer: Jessica D. Moyer, Smith College
Discussant: Matthew Sommer, Stanford University

AAS-in-Asia 2016 – Kyoto, Japan

Paper: Tactical deployment of vernacular literature in wartime Jiangnan (1853-1864)

in Panel: Didactic Vernaculars: Moral Values and Literary Genres in Early Modern Chinese Fiction and Drama

Organizer: Scott W. Gregory, University of Arizona
Discussant: Rania Huntington, University of Wisconsin, Madison

AAS 2016 – Seattle, WA

Paper: Embodying Guanyin, Embodying yaojing: Devotional Deviance in Liu Xiang baojuan

in Panel: The Changing Faces (and Bodies) of Guanyin: Crossing the Boundaries between Religion, Literature, and Performance

Organizer: Lei Ying, Harvard University
Discussant: Beata Grant, Washington University in St. Louis

AAS 2015 – Chicago, IL

Paper: Penitent Mothers and Vengeful Fetuses: The Price of Infanticide

in Panel: Sowing Seeds of Goodness: Morality Literature in Qing China

Organizer: Katherine L. Alexander, University of Chicago
Discussant: Cynthia Brokaw, Brown University




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