Taiwan Votes: Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies blog post

I'm really honored to have been invited to add my voice to this collection of blog posts about Taiwan's presidential election, gathered by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University.  Please read the whole thing - the Taiwan experts have very important insights into many aspects related to the election. Alphabetically I come first,…Read more Taiwan Votes: Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies blog post

whose streets these are i think i know

A combination of many things has put me into a state of deep nostalgia for Taiwan this past week, so a year and a half since I followed around bits of a major Mazu (媽祖) focused temple festival in Tainan, here are some photos from the night of 2018/06/16. That night, rather than trust my…Read more whose streets these are i think i know

Knit together

A few years ago, I called my grandparents' home on my grandma's 90th birthday, mostly hoping to wish her birthday greetings and chat a little, but also, for a brief moment, hoping to accompany her, however implicitly, in the mourning for her younger sister whose death had come not even two weeks earlier. My grandpa…Read more Knit together

Just another archival misdirection

Last Wednesday, I was chatting with a librarian about her project cataloguing what are supposed to be rare tune books, hoping that she might have found some from China. Of course, since archival boxes reveal things that aren't on their labels, as anyone who spends time in archives knows that such boxes are wont to…Read more Just another archival misdirection

“I too am afraid” 「我也怕」

Last night, a Taiwanese friend messaged me  about the US presidential election. My succinct response: 「我也怕」 ("I too am afraid.") Maybe this goes without saying, but I didn't sleep much. I began the morning with a email from a distressed student, unable to attend class because of their emotional state after the results of the…Read more “I too am afraid” 「我也怕」