Mother Gu Temple 辜婦媽廟 (2)

(1: Tainan local women, Taiwan local religion) Let's begin with Gu Fuma's story, since she's the center of a number of stories to follow. Surnamed Lin (林) with no given name on record, her husband Gu Tangchun (辜湯純) died when she was twenty two. Lin was left to manage his meager estate, consisting of his…Read more Mother Gu Temple 辜婦媽廟 (2)

Divinity and Femininity

Last week, I received word from my department that a course I proposed, called "Divinity and Femininity: Women’s Religious Lives in Pre-modern China" has been accepted and I get to teach it next year. This is particularly exciting news! The course abstract: This course focuses on the religious lives of women in pre-modern China, beginning…Read more Divinity and Femininity

The end of Chinese religion?

After two weeks in Beijing in 2012, I finally realized why I felt the city seemed so lifeless, even as it teemed with millions of people and their very real, full lives. Where were the temples? Where were the markers of a neighborhood like Tudi Gong shrines? Where were the folding tables full of offerings…Read more The end of Chinese religion?

A people and their stories

I'm on my second time through Boxers & Saints and still bowled over by how good it is.  A modified version of the tale of Princess Miaoshan, which existed most popularly in the form of a baojuan, interrupts the plot of Boxers with a moment of peace and hope before the final battle.  That enough…Read more A people and their stories

Out in China with Mrs. Archibald Little

Ever since I read Heathen Chinese's post about Boxers & Saints by Gene Luen Yang, I've been waiting for our library to make them available. I loved his American Born Chinese and I anticipate loving these books even more. And now I have them! But I'm saving them as a reward for whenever it is…Read more Out in China with Mrs. Archibald Little