Filial modern women buy our towels!

I've included pictures from Yu Zhi's Illustrated Stories of Twenty Four Filial Women here before. Those illustrations come from the 1872 woodblock print edition, available via Google Books*. The University of Chicago library also has two editions of the text, with illustrations purportedly redrawn by none other than Wu Youru, the famous Shanghai lithographic print…Read more Filial modern women buy our towels!

Tainan local women, Taiwan local religion (1)

One of wonders of Tainan is how no matter what alley you walk down, you'll run into a temple. One day, I cut down an alley about a block away from the City God Temple and came across a mysterious (to me) little temple. Dedicated to Gu Fuma (辜婦媽) - Mother Gu, statues of three…Read more Tainan local women, Taiwan local religion (1)

Divinity and Femininity

Last week, I received word from my department that a course I proposed, called "Divinity and Femininity: Women’s Religious Lives in Pre-modern China" has been accepted and I get to teach it next year. This is particularly exciting news! The course abstract: This course focuses on the religious lives of women in pre-modern China, beginning…Read more Divinity and Femininity

A people and their stories

I'm on my second time through Boxers & Saints and still bowled over by how good it is.  A modified version of the tale of Princess Miaoshan, which existed most popularly in the form of a baojuan, interrupts the plot of Boxers with a moment of peace and hope before the final battle.  That enough…Read more A people and their stories