The end of Chinese religion?

After two weeks in Beijing in 2012, I finally realized why I felt the city seemed so lifeless, even as it teemed with millions of people and their very real, full lives. Where were the temples? Where were the markers of a neighborhood like Tudi Gong shrines? Where were the folding tables full of offerings…Read more The end of Chinese religion?

Those lucky southerners!

In 1919, families in 大稻城 (Dadaocheng, Tōa-tiū-tiâⁿ), which lay north of the Taipei City wall, sponsored a troupe of actors from China to come perform in Taiwan for a few months. With what seemed like great excitement, the tour was announced on August 2nd in the Taiwan Nichi Nichi Shinpo 台灣日日新聞, the most widely circulated…Read more Those lucky southerners!

Recommended read: Reflections on 228

Recommended read: Reflections on 228 People in Taiwan had Friday off as a national holiday, not one of celebration but of national memorial.   Whether the 228 Massacre and the remembering of it weighs heavy in your heart each year, or if this is the first you've heard of it, the short article at …Read more Recommended read: Reflections on 228