In February, I received a request through this blog from a Montreal-based TV production company, asking if I had any contacts in Taipei willing to talk about life and transportation, especially regarding scooter riding. The TV show, Ports d'attache, airs on Discovery World and TV5, and focuses on aspects of daily life in port cities…Read more PORTS D’ATTACHE: Taipei

Protests in Taiwan

First, watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2XyhLbWKOw Then read some of these articles, if you're still interested: Taiwanese Occupy Legislature Over China Pact Student protesters repel police, hold Legislative chamber Occupy the legislature: is it the only way? Importance of Social Movements in Taiwan Smear Tactics and Taiwan's Compliant Media I've been glued to coverage and wandering about…Read more Protests in Taiwan

Those lucky southerners!

In 1919, families in 大稻城 (Dadaocheng, Tōa-tiū-tiâⁿ), which lay north of the Taipei City wall, sponsored a troupe of actors from China to come perform in Taiwan for a few months. With what seemed like great excitement, the tour was announced on August 2nd in the Taiwan Nichi Nichi Shinpo 台灣日日新聞, the most widely circulated…Read more Those lucky southerners!