In February, I received a request through this blog from a Montreal-based TV production company, asking if I had any contacts in Taipei willing to talk about life and transportation, especially regarding scooter riding. The TV show, Ports d’attache, airs on Discovery World and TV5, and focuses on aspects of daily life in port cities around the world.

Asking a few friends back home resulted in Wen Lii, journalist, political campaign staffer, and UChicago alum, driving around the city with host Sophie Fouron on the back of his scooter. The segment is now online and it’s great!

Check out the videos here: Ports d’attache: Taipei.

Wen Lii narrates in English in clip 1. Clip 2, while in French, needs little translation because the main point is that the film crew went to dangerous(ly hilarious?) lengths to get its in-traffic footage of Sophie and Lii driving around.

It’s made me a little homesick, both for the teenage scooter gangs screeching down the boulevards and for octogenarians puttering along through the market. So happy to have been a tiny part of getting this clip to happen!

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