What I did on my Winter Vacation… (what vacation?)

We spent a fantastic week or so in Taiwan in December.  It says something about the past eight weeks, in which I've collected 10 boarding passes for three different itineraries (including the Taiwan vacation) and purchased tickets for two new itineraries (Seattle and Kyoto, I'm hitting both AAS conferences this year), that I'm only just now,…Read more What I did on my Winter Vacation… (what vacation?)

Ode to my passport

I applied for it in a fit of last minute desperation, expedited as much as possible, during finals week of my sophomore year of college. I trudged through snow to the post office to get my photo taken. Unsurprisingly, it is not a good photo. I look tired and a little lost. My previous passport…Read more Ode to my passport

Tainan, Taiwan: Anping Tree House & more

When I show friends around Tainan, there are two places we absolutely must go - the Confucian Temple and Anping Tree House. Each place is historic, but in very different ways. Anping Tree House occupies what were once the warehouses of British trading company Tait & Co. When the Japanese were given Taiwan as a…Read more Tainan, Taiwan: Anping Tree House & more

Ningbo, China: The old Chen family home

Gene, his parents, and his mom's cousin are standing at the only remaining back door of the estate Gene's great-uncle had built for his still-expanding family in 1947. For much of her early childhood, Gene's mother lived there with a large pack of cousins. Great-aunt A-tai had sixteen children, thirteen of whom lived to adulthood.…Read more Ningbo, China: The old Chen family home